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 Over 2500 Old Parkersburg & Wood County WV Pictures

Law Enforcement & Veterans Pictures



The First McDonalds. - Buy em by the bag - on the sign


The 1912 World Series


Elvis in the Army


New York's Times Square in 1911


Steamboats on the Mississippi River in 1907


The Beatles meet Muhammad Ali. (Or was he still Casius Clay?)


The construction of Disneyland


Female worker bottling ketchup at the original Heinz factory circa 1897. Pittsburgh, PA


Circa 1880. Interior of Helmbold's Drug Store, New York City. It was a Beautiful Store!  Soda fountain at left, Spectacular carved cabinetry with marble tops; large crystal chandeliers; and tile floor. Note the three men in the photo



The Löhner-Porsche (1900-1901), developed by Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, was the first gasoline-electric hybrid automobile. Its front wheels were driven by electric hub-mounted motors. Its design was studied by Boeing and NASA to create the Apollo program’s Lunar Rover. The series hybrid concept underpins many modern railway locomotives, and interest in series hybrid automobiles is still growing.


Fireman's bicycle, 1905


How unique! Peters Bros. Shoe Repair promotional car in the shape of a shoe. Pictured in front of a Presbyterian Church in San Francisco, California. Circa: 1922


What a Cool vehicle from the olden days


The original Stuck Dental Chair 1888


This is New York City 34th Street & Fifth Avenue in 1922


Vintage Photo: Alligator Charmer for Barnum & Bailey Circus in 1894. That's A Crazy Job


New York. Coney Island - Luna Park promenade circa 1905


picture shows a couple getting on a bus in Ohio after a snow storm 1940


The maze of livestock pens and walkways at the Union Stock Yards, Chicago, Illinois, July 1941


In 1823, Stephen F. Austin created the Texas Rangers in a call to arms. Ten years later, a body of Rangers was once again created to protect the border and frontier, but it was not until the Mexican American War that the formidable Texas Rangers caught the attention of General (and future president) Zachary Taylor. Abolished after the Civil War, they were reorganized in 1874 and would later be responsible for apprehending notorious bandits such as John Wesley Hardin, Sam Bass, and Bonnie and Clyde. The City of Allen played a pivotal role in history of the Texas Rangers. In 1878, Sam Bass and Gang robbed the Houston and Texas Central Railroad in Allen, the first successful train robbery in Texas. The need for an organized statewide police force was apparent


What better way to rest than over a game of checkers. This pictures shows people at a gas service station playing an afternoon game of checkers. The picture was taken in 1939 in Greensboro, Georgia. You just don't see things like this any more. Compare this scene to your typical Gas station today


A unique 1922 Motor Home


In 1903, Ford Motor Co. was incorporated


The Best Way To Beat The Heat This Weekend is to Load Up The Boat And Head For The Lake


The Hatfield Clan of West Virginia poses for a family portrait in 1897, a few years after they had ended a 30-year feud with the McCoys of Kentucky






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