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Old Fashioned Bargin Day parade at 7th & Market S. I believe it was 1966. My father was driving the buggy and my mother was in the old fashioned black dress beside my father. I believe the girl riding beside my mother is Aneta Miller. My mother and father are no longer living so I'm not sure ...of the date. Take a look at the fellows sitting on the truck in the intersection. I do know the people riding the horses just to the rear of the buggy and would love to be able to contact them . The one on the left as they go down Market St is Cheryl Sams Allen. I don't know her married name now. On the right is Trudie Deem, married name unknown. If anyone knows how to contact either of these two please have them contact me. Picture Courtesy Jerry Lyons


Old Fashioned Bargain days G. C. Murphy co Parkersburg wv 7th street 1950s


Old Fashioned Bargain days G. C. Murphy co Parkersburg wv 7th street Early 1950s


Mayor Nicely and Chief Eaton in Parkersburg, WV before the Old Fashion Bargain Day Parade 1973.  Picture Courtesy Jerry Lyons


Thelma Marie Hayes-Cogar, in the center. She was a buyer for Kreske's Department Store in Parkersburg. "Old Fashioned Days" - August 1956. Picture Courtesy rich Wolford


Parkersburg Old Fashioned Bargain Days, 1951


Old Fashion Bargain Days . Flo Hendrickson on the right. her mother made her a new dress nearly every year. She worked at Kresge's until it closed in the 1950s


Kressge's employees at Old fashion Bargain days Late 1950s


Old fashion Bargain Days in front of old city building Late 1959


Employee's inside Kreske's Store in Parkersburg, Old Fashioned Bargain Day late 1950s Picture Courtesy Tami Peterson Hammel


Old Fashion Bargain Days Inside Kreske's left to right first Lady ? 2nd lady Ruby Leep 3rd ? Hall 4th Flo Hendrickson 5th lady ? Picture Courtesy Tami Peterson Hammel




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