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This photograph taken in the late 1800s, shows the Mineral Wells Hotel, Tygart District in the right corner. To the left and among the trees were located the bath houses. In the center can be seen the wells which numbered about 14. The Lou Butcher farm house is seen on the left. Dr. Will Kane visiting from New Jersey is seen on the right. The hotel opened in the late 1840's and was destroyed by fire in 1900

Mineral Wells Water Hailed as 'Cure'

The land now known as Mineral Wells was once owned by John Cooper. Red Selectman purchased the farm in the late 1840's and dug a well, the water of which seemed to have a curable effect for dropsy (congestive heart failure ) and other troubles. One man who had not seen his feet for 12 or 15 years, after drinking this water a few weeks, lost 13 inches in waist measurement, and continued drinking the water until he became normal size.

The news of this cure spread until Mineral Wells became a great summer resort by the early 1860's. Many people came from Parkersburg and other places to stay all summer or just a day. Sweet corn was consumed at the rate of one ox wagon load a day. A large hotel was built to accommodate the visitors.

A large dining room containing ten 12 foot tables extended the length of the front of the building. A smaller dining room had four tables in it. An outside stairs led to the upstairs porch which extended the full length of the hotel. Rooms opened onto the porch. Dancing and bowling were main diversions and there were many grape vine swings in the grove to offer amusement.

On Jan. 18, 1867, the Parkersburg Daily Times reported the Mineral Wells Hotel was for sale. These wells whose water shave and are effecting such wonderful cures and which command a constant rapid sale are now offered for sale. Any physician with a moderate espial can by buying the wells make a fortune in a short time. The waters of these wells of which there are four different kinds, are adapted to external and internal use. They effect cures of diseases which no skill or any medicine can relieve."

The entire estate consists of 52 acres on which there are 12 buildings, accommodating 150 persons. Also good stables for horses. The scenery & surrounding country is most beautiful and salubrious; no case cholera has ever been known then This property will be sold at moderate price and on very acceptable terms. Title is perfectly good Physicians who wish to examine the waters of these wells can be supplied  with any quantity at their expense, by addressing the Times Office, Parkersburg, W.Va. where all information can be had and will be given on the subject. A. W. Gordon Proprietor.




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