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History of the Parkersburg WV Moose Club


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A Moose Lodge was instituted in Parkersburg on October 15, 1912. For many years the lodge hall was located on the third floor of a building on Market Street, just South of the Chancellor Hotel. In 1939, J. Jack Stoehr, then Director of Membership in West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania, met Roy Yoke for the first time, and acquainted him with the purposes and principles of the Loyal Order of Moose. Roy, realizing the importance of this outstanding program of human service sponsored by the fraternity, agreed to attempt to revitalize the Parkersburg Lodge experienced a fine, healthy growth, both numerically and financially, and establish a splendid relationship with the people of the area.


At the beginning of this period of revitalization, the first classes were organized by Dowell Bartley, a member of the Clarksburg Lodge and associated with the Membership Department of the Loyal Order of Moose. At that time, the enrollment ceremonies were held at the Chancellor Hotel, as our lodge quarters were not yet available for this purpose.


Arrangements were made to lease a residence of The Edward Cox House at 617 Ann Street, the present location of our home, and we moved in during June, 1939. At the time it was sufficiently adequate to satisfy our demands, but the growth we began to experience made it obvious that we would someday need larger quarters. With this thought in mind the membership decided to purchase the property we were then renting. In 1945, plans for the purchase were made and in January, 1946, the transaction was completed. The following year an addition was built on the home that served as a combination dining and party room. This improvement also included a kitchen.


Six and a half years later another improvement was made in the addition of the present lounge and office, as well as the large porch across the front of the building. This provided our home with not only additional room but a "new look" from the front. This remains today as it was at that time.


In the next few years we again experienced growing pains and we were found wanting for room to satisfy the requirements of our membership for social activities. In 1959, we were given approval by the Supreme Lodge to' build an addition to the present building. This was by far the largest improvement made and included the finest ballroom in the valley, the Rathskeller, the utility rooms, all completely air conditioned.


During this period of construction, thanks to the many financial contributions by our members, we were able to completely refurnish the dining room and make it one of the most attractive in the city. Ours is now one of the finest Moose Homes in the entire Fraternity. It was made possible only because of the co-operation received from many of our members, who, through hard work and determined spirit, saw the building program completed. Forty-seven years ago, from a nucleus of nine members, we have grown to more than 1500 from an indebtedness of nine thousand dollars to a present net worth of over six hundred thousand dollars, from a lodge unknown in the community to one that enjoys the respect of the entire area.


Camden Clark Hospital purchased the Moose club property and demolished it to expand the hospital. the Moose Purchased the old Tygart School on South Side and demolished the school and built a new building



This 1939 picture shows The Edward Cox House at 617 Ann Street would later be the Old Home of the Moose Club


Remodeled old Home of the Moose ClubRemodeled old Home of the Moose Club


The Remodeled Old Home of the Moose Club


Old Social Quarters Moose Club


Remodeled Social Quarters Moose Club 


Original Ball Room Moose Club 1959



The Original Beckwith Room Moose Club


Newly Refurbished Beckwith Room Moose Club



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