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6th & Market Street Down Town Parkersburg, West Virginia 1971


Pepsi plant 1900 Pike Street Parkersburg South Side 1971


Parkersburg Automobile Club when it was at Chancellor Hotel Bldg. Parkersburg, West Virginia 1971


Broida Stone & Thomas Parkersburg WV 1971


Union Trust Bank Parkersburg WV 1971


McClinton Chevrolet Parkersburg WV 1971


Seddon's Restaurant Route 50 they also opened up Seddon's in the Grand Central Mall this picture 1971


Stork Bakery Parkersburg WV 1971


Montgomery Ward's corporate slogan, "You'll Like Wards" happens in the modern facilities here in Parkersburg. Ward's employees are pledged to make their store the "Friendliest Store In Town." Here you will find a full-line Department Store that has something for every member of the family from infant's wear to the latest in women's fashions. Everything in home furnishings and auto accessories. Ward's also offers complete installation of their products and a factory-trained crew of Service Technicians to maintain their products after the sale.  Remember too, that Ward's has a convenient Charg-ALL Credit Plan to enjoy anything you wish to purchase 1600 Garfield Ave., Parkersburg, West Virginia 1971


Dils Motor Company Here is a Ford dealer with an unquestioned reputation for fair and honest dealings with the people of Parkersburg. Dils Motor Company, the 16th-oldest Ford dealership in the United States, has been serving the community since 1909. It is also one of the 10 largest dealerships in the Pittsburgh district. You'll be in good hands at this family-owned-and operated business. Everyone from the experienced, courteous salesmen to the factory-trained mechanics is interested in giving you sincere service. So, when you start looking for a new or used car or truck, your first stop should be Dils Motor Company. 1601 13th St., Parkersburg 1971


Pianelli's -- Anne Pianelli, Inc. Set the fashion trend in your circle with a lovely new outfit from Pianelli's. This exclusive women's couturier-which specializes in cocktail dresses-has the latest, most exciting styles in dresses, suits, coats, sportswear, and accessories by the world's top designers. Pianelli's has created a wonderful place for women to shop. Besides being staffed by experienced, courteous saleswomen, the. shop offers alterations by professional fitters, beautiful gift wrapping, and free delivery service. Master card and Bank Americard are honored along with Pianelli's own personal charge. 713 Market St., Parkersburg 1971


The Parkersburg Coca-Cola Bottling Co 1600 13th St. Parkersburg, W. Va. 1971


Beginning humbly with an uncertain future in the autumn of 1961 as a branch of West Virginia University, the educational institution that is now the Parkersburg Community has recently accelerated at such a rate that it astonished even its most zealous promoters. With 104 students and six instructors housed in a long-condemned school building on Emerson Avenue in Parkersburg, the West Virginia University Center moved in 1969 to an  exquisite campus just off State Route 47, four miles from the downtown area. There, operating in an ultramodern, $4-million facility, it served over 2250 students in 1971. On July 1, 1971, it ceased to be a part of West Virginia University and became the Parkersburg Community College. 1971


Noe Office Equipment Whatever your office requirements, we can take care of them at Noe Office Equipment. In our showroom and warehouse facilities, we feature Olympia typewriters and calculators, Shaw-Walker furniture and supplies, Victor adding machines, and Speed-O-Print copiers. Our highly trained service department is well equipped to repair your office machines. Try us! 208 Seventh St., Parkersburg 1971


Kauffman-Lattimer Co. Parkersburg Division Parkeasburg, W. VA. Modern Distribution for Health Services Since 1881. This up-to-date facility contains 38,000 square feet of warehouse and office space. It is equipped with a towveyor capable of handling 50 orders, traveling the length of the building at one time. The company employs 40 people, it serves an area which consists of most of West Virginia, and part of Ohio and Kentucky. Service is provided to retail pharmacies, retail stores, chain stores, hospitals, and department stores. All major manufacturers of drug and health and beauty items that are available to the wholesale trade are included in the inventory of 25,000 items. 2311 Ohio Ave., Parkersburg 1971


The Eastern Division office for Pennzoil United, Inc.'s oil and gas exploration and production operations is located in Parkersburg. Pennzoil produces over 2 million barrels of Penn Grade crude oil per year from its Eastern Division operations. This supply furnishes crude oil to three refineries that manufacture the renowned Pennzoil Motor Oil. Pennzoil is also a leading natural resources company, which supplies a large percent of the natural gas, mines metallic and nonmetallic minerals, and explores for these strategic raw materials in many parts of the world. Houston, Texas, is headquarters, but eastern Division's home is Parkersburg. P.O. Drawer 1588, Parkersburg, W. Va. 26101 this picture 1971


Ideal Box our side and inside Ideal Box Factory is a Perfect Package." Since 1915, businesses and industry nationwide have relied on the firm for their shipping containers. No matter how small or how unwieldly an item it might be, Ideal has complete and modern production facilities for shipping containers. Ideal's specialty is the proper design of shipping boxes. Since its inception, the firm has enjoyed a healthy, continuous growth because of its quality product and fine service. It looks forward to many more years of growing and serving this fine community. 814 Jeanette St., Parkersburg 1971


Union Insulating Company was founded in 1919 by the late William M. Parker, Sr., and his father, John H. Parker, both of whom were associated with the electrical industry for more than 50 years. A pioneer in plastic molding, the company does research, tooling, and metal stamping, as well as finishing and assembly. Among Union's firsts are: Phenolic Pigtail Sockets, Molded Insulating Conduit End Bushings, and Phenolic Outlet and Switch Boxes. Boxes have become the company's biggest line and are used nationwide in residential wiring. P.O. Box B Parkersburg, W. Va. 26101 1971


Products of Union Insulating Company 1971


Johns-Manville Fiber Glass Division As a neighbor of long standing, we take pride in being a part of this growing and prosperous area. We appreciate the warm, friendly, and continued neighborliness that characterizes this rapidly expanding community. It is our confident hope that Johns-Manville will continue to contribute to the progress and development of this area in the years ahead. P.O. Box 5128 2905 3rd Avenue Vienna, West Virginia 26101 this was in 1971


1906 to 1971 the 6Sth Year Criss Concrete Company, specializing in ready-mixed concrete, is the largest producer of ready-mixed concrete in the Mid-Ohio Valley. The firm furnishes concrete to the area's home builders, industrial plants, and Building contractors for all construction needs including highways, bridges, and streets. Whatever your concrete need, Criss' well-staffed organization offers you the best in service and experience, along with our large fleet of modern mixers, plants, portable plants, and equipment. With plants at Parkersburg, W. Va. and Marietta, Ohio, we are able to give the service you will need for your job in the area. Dealers in blast-furnace slag, all sizes, cement, brick mortar, expansion joint and other related materials. For quotations, call our main office in Parkersburg, W. Va. 1971


The Parkersburg plant of corning glass works holds a position of worldwide leadership in the manufacture of laboratory apparatus and pharmaceutical products. pyrex") brand 7740 glass is ordered in hundreds of size variations to meet requirements of industrial and laboratory facilities throughout the world, and corex') and disposable items are equally in demand. Parkersburg corning is rapidly becoming recognized as the world's most modern, efficient straight -line mechanized laboratory glassware plant producing the world's highest -quality product. 1971


Corning Glass Parkersburg wv 1971


American Viscose FMC Corporation Parkersburg 1971


Wood County Airport 1971


McGlothlin Printing Company all types of commercial printing, offset,  letterpress 4406 Emerson Ave.  Parkersburg 1971


Tri-State Roofing Company In the field of sheet-metal fabrication and erection, one name stands out from all the rest for quality work and on-time completion Tri-State Roofing Company. Already recognized as expert roofers, the firm's aggressive, dynamic management is not content to rest on these laurels alone. It desires to be known as being equally adept at the design and installation of sheet-metal work for air pollution, exhaust, heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems as well as the fabrication of anything made of sheet metal. It has the best-equipped sheet-metal shop in the area along with a skilled, dedicated team of engineers and salespeople. Tri-State has operations in Parkersburg and Charleston, West Virginia; Cumberland, Maryland; Lexington and Paducah, Kentucky. 1971


Dils, Serving You and Your Home This fine, full-service Department Store serves the Greater Parkersburg area and outlying communities in West Virginia and Ohio. Home owned and operated since 1900, Oils is now West Virginia's largest, single-unit, independent department store. A modern attitude toward merchandising, friendly, dependable service, fine quality merchandise, and a vital interest in community affairs have made Dils the leading store in the mid-Ohio Valley! 521-527 Market Street in downtown Parkersburg over100 departments to serve you better 1971


The Outdoor Concert at City Park Parkersburg 1971


The Old Tower Clock in the old City Building 1971. when this building was demolished in 1980 they claim the clock was sold as junk. more pictures of the city building on my website http://www.mackeysclockrepair.com/remenbering_city__building_parke.html


Cooper Cabin at the City Park 1971


He's only one of the important things we deliver. At St. Joseph's, we're proud of the babies we deliver, but we're proud of other things we deliver too. We deliver quality care. St. Joseph's employs and affiliates with experts in all areas of the health care field. Besides having a competent nursing staff and the usual services you'd expect, we offer inhalation therapy to speed surgical recovery, speech therapy and physical therapy to provide doctors with the essential tools for good patient care. We deliver accessible care -always. Our emergency room has a physician on duty 24 hours a day. 1971


Intensive Care at Camden Clark Memorial Hospital 1971


St. Joseph's Hospital Parkersburg 1971


Camden Clark Memorial Hospital Parkersburg 1971


Student nurses Camden Clark Memorial Hospital 1971


Camden Clark Memorial Hospital 1971


Camden Clark Memorial Hospital 1971


Camden Clark Memorial Hospital 1971


Camden Clark Memorial Hospital 1971


Stern Brothers 1971


Horner & Harrison West Virginia's most exciting Men's and young Men's store" For over 44 years, it has been Hornor & Harrison's policy to bring to you the finest in quality, style, and value. We feature only the finest brand names. We are proud to be serving the executive, the conservative, and the style-conscious men and young men of the Ohio Valley Area 1971


Chuck Leary's House of Good Music The largest Sony dealer in West Virginia, Chuck Leary's House of Good Music leads the parade. King band instruments, complete service center, and complimentary deliveries within 50 miles help keep this complete music center out in front. Leary has the distinction of being one of the only six election tellers in the nation for the National Association of Music Merchants. Visit Leary's soon it's the most complete music store in West Virginia. 810 Market St., Parkersburg 1971


Route 77 near Parkersburg 1971


American Metal Climax, Inc. Aluminum to Zirconium "Metals for Better Living The AMAX Specialty Metals plant is located in Washington, W. Va. seven miles south of Parkersburg. AMAX Specialty Metals is a Division of American Metals Climax, a major producer of metals in the free world. At the Washington plant, complex chemical and metallurgical techniques are employed to produce zirconium and hafnium from zircon sand. Zirconium is used principally to contain uranium materials in nuclear reactor fuel assemblies. Zirconium is the material of choice in the harsh environment for two reasons: first, it is extremely resistant to corrosion; second, and more important, zirconium has a "low-neutron cross section, which allows neutrons to pass from one fuel rod to another-in much the same way a window admits light. The neutrons bombard the millions of uranium atoms, thus creating the chain reaction that powers the reactor to provide electricity. Parkersburg W. VA 1971


Parkersburg's Modern Federal Building 1971



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